PlasticBottleCrusher 600

Our smallest model.  Crushes plastic drink containers to 20 fl oz or 600 ml depending on container dimensions.

Made from heavy duty stainless steel grade 304, with crushing force measured up to 500kg.  We think it will last a very long time.

Also crushes aluminium drink cans one at a time plus any small steel cans that fit horizontally in the crush chamber.

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PlasticBottleCrusher 2250

A crusher to suit most medium size milk and soft drink containers including the UK four pint milk bottle.

Crushes plastic drink containers to 76 fl oz / half gallon / 2250 ml subject to their dimensions.

Also crushes aluminium drink cans three at a time, plus any small steel cans that fit horizontally in the crush chamber.

Made from heavy duty stainless steel grade 304, with a crush force measured to 500kg.

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PlasticBottleCrusher 5000

5000 crushing plastic bottle

A large wall mounted crushing machine excellent for large plastic milk bottles like the one gallon milk jug.

Crushes plastic drink containers to a size of 170 fl oz or 1.3 US gallon or 5000ml subject to dimensions of the container.

Crushing force measured to 800kg, and it is made from heavy duty grade 304 stainless steel for a very long life.

Also crushes aluminium drink cans five at a time plus any steel cans that fit horizontally in the crush chamber.

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PlasticBottleCrusher 5001

A monster.

Crushes steel food containers to #10 catering size and larger.

Also crushes heavy duty plastic containers – eg chemical, acid, oil and dialysate.

Crushing force to 1200kg, made from very heavy duty stainless steel, grade 304.

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PlasticBottleCrusher Recycle Centre

iCRUSH-Recycle-Station-iCRUSH offer a stainless steel wall mounting block for schools and other large facilities where the volume of plastic, steel and aluminium container crushing is high.

The wall mount block is supplied with three crushers, the iCRUSH Plastic 2250, iCRUSH Plastic 5000 and iCRUSH Steel 5001.

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Plastic Bottle Crusher 2500 Recycle Bin

recycle bin 6 longshotAre you sick of the sight of overflowing public bins?

The Recycle Bin allows your staff, your students, or your customers to size reduce their container waste as they dispose of it.

It comes with a modified iCRUSH Plastic 2250 crusher.

You can create your own design for the wrap around the Bin.

A lockable access door allows a portable bin to be moved in and out of the bin frame.


Most of the world’s container waste still goes to landfill.

If you want your container waste recycled, you will need tools and systems to help you separate waste streams and size reduce them so that a recycler can see the value in collecting it.

Precycling is the art of separating and compacting waste streams (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metals) to make them valuable for recycling.  If you help with precycling, then your local recyclers or waste traders are going to be interested in those separated waste bundles, especially if they are size reduced and easy to transport.

The Plastic Bottle Crusher group have invented a range of very strong and durable machines to size reduce the volume of waste at your workplace or your home.

Bin collections cost money and add to the waste miles driven by heavy trucks in every town.  Fewer bin collections and ‘back to base’ trips is better for the environment, our towns and our wallets.  Size reducing your waste makes sense.

Plastic bottles are not easy to crush. Most plastic bottle crushers brought to market have been flimsy with a small crush force.  Use them day after day in a commercial setting and they will soon break.

We have fixed that. Our crushers are deliberately over-engineered, made from heavy duty grade 304 stainless steel.  We set out to build the best crushing machines in the world.  Once we knew we had the design right, we built them to the highest standard of robustness, not the lowest price.

Crushing containers, especially plastic containers, can be fast, easy and safe with one of our crushers.  And did we mention how satisfying it is?

If you are in business, waste volume reduction will save you money and signal to your customers and staff that you care about your environmental footprint.  You want to help out with precycling because you care about recycling.

If you are at home, dealing with a bin that keeps filling before collection day, then a crusher will help you fit more into that bin and the truck that collects it.

It makes no sense to continue filling your bin with the airspace in empty containers.  The solution is here.