Which is the best crusher for Home?

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The model 2250 or the model 5000?


Lets say your garbage can at home has

  • milk jugs, soda bottles, water bottles
  • cardboard or tetra-pak style drink containers
  • drink cans and
  • small steel food cans

The model 5000 is hands down the best crusher – bigger, stronger, more powerful.

If crushers were free, we would give a model 5000 to every home on earth.


the 5000 costs more

and you might be able to crush most of what you have, with a 2250.

So it depends on

  • what size containers are going into your garbage can, and
  • budget


What about the 5001 steel can crusher?

Got lots of pet food cans in the garbage? Or tins of fruit?

It does beautiful work on steel cans, and drink cans but needs to be used in conjunction with a 2250 or 5000 to size reduce plastic bottles.¬† The 5001 can’t do it all.