A beautiful, stainless steel can crusher and plastic bottle crusher for commercial kitchens, homes and workplaces

  • plastic crusher up to the US half gallon, 2.25 L soda bottles, or the UK four pint milk carton
    [we have crushed larger volume containers but it depends on the dimensions of each container] plus
  • aluminum drink can crusher
  • small steel food can crusher, horizontally in two steps
  • any small cardboard box you can fit into the crush chamber


Excellent size reduction for the typical
– HDPE plastic half gallon / four pint / 2L milk carton
– PET plastic water bottle
– PET plastic soda bottle, and
– drink can


If you just need a soda can / beer can crusher, the 2250 is overengineered and built to last many years.

If you need to crush milk cartons, water bottles, juice bottles, this is the world’s strongest in this size range.



In grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel.  It weighs 15 lb, 7 kg, out of the box.

No mild steel used, this a fully stainless steel crusher.


Space required to use the 2250 crusher

Height, from top to bottom of the handle swing – 43 inches, 110cm

Width – 8.5 inches, 22cm

Off the wall – body of the crusher at rest – 7.5 inches, 19cm

Off the wall – handle at right angle to the wall – 24 inches, 60cm


Crush force

The crush force changes as you pull the handle down through its swing.  We have measured a peak crush force of 1100 lb, 500 kg, at points in that swing.  It will depend on the weight and force you apply to the handle


Volume reduction

If you are looking at a 64 gallon garbage can [240L wheelie bin] full of half gallon milk jugs [or four pint milk cartons, or 2L milk bottles] before crushing, you should expect to fit more than three of those garbage cans into one garbage can after crushing.

If the same garbage can is full of 20 oz soft drink cans, you should expect to fit 10 x garbage cans of uncrushed soft drink cans into one garbage can after crushing

If you have mixed waste – cans and plastic bottles – expect to fit four to five garbage cans of uncrushed waste into one garbage can after crushing.


Do I need to exert a lot of force to crush a can or bottle?

You need to exert some force

It is not a lot of force as 6 year old children can use the crusher, and enjoy it

The crusher is designed to magnify the weight you put on the swing of the handle


How to crush a plastic bottle

Plastic memory is very strong, so the plastic bottle will try to spring back to its original shape after crushing

If you tighten the cap on the bottle, after crushing, a vacuum is formed and the plastic will hold its crushed shape indefinitely

The bottom plate on a model 2250 crusher has a hole in it to allow you to put the cap of the bottle through the hole

Once you swing the handle and crush the plastic, you may screw the cap tight, underneath the bottom plate


What is the difference between the model 2250 crusher and the 5000?

The model 5000 is larger and heavier than the 2250, and crushes plastics up to one gallon or 5 litres / liters in size

The model 2250 crushes plastic bottles upside down, whereas the 5000 crushes them standing upright


Will it crush the 3 litre milk bottle or the UK 6 pint milk carton?

Not very well

For both of these bottles / cartons, the carton handle collapses in a way that makes the crush less effective than usual

After crushing, the 3 litre bottle / 6 pint carton tends to reinflate to half its original volume

If your kitchen uses many of these containers each day, our Safety Baler 6000 will give great volume reduction