A very small compactor baler to help cafes and kitchens reduce waste volume

Install on a benchtop in the kitchen or outside

20 inches wide x 24 inches deep, 500mm wide x 600mm deep

Runs on compressed air – no electric motor, no hydraulic oil


Crush and bale

Plastic containers to one gallon or 5L

  • milk bottles / jugs / cartons, cream, yogurt, water, cooking oil, sauce

Convert 10 garbage cans of plastics into 1


Crush only

Steel food cans, #10 steel cans, aluminum drink cans

Convert 5 garbage cans of steel food cans into 1



Door is locked when crush plate is engaged

Door only opens when crush plate is at rest in its starting position

Small bale size only 7 lb to 12 lb or 3kg to 5kg

Tie the bale side to side while door is locked – no chance operator can tangle with a moving crush plate



Cycle time 7 seconds under no load

Less than 10 seconds to crush and remove a steel catering can, eg #10 steel can

Crushed plastic is restrained so operator can reload more each cycle

Load restraints allow operators to load cumulatively, crush only when full

Tie bale with only one strap in less than a minute

There is no limit to how long you can use the baler
Use it continuously all day, unlike other systems that need to cool down after some minutes of use

Treat the baler like a garbage can and add waste cumulatively during the day


Space required

20 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 54 inches high

500mm wide x 600mm deep x 1375mm high

Weighs 310 lb, 140 kg


Two models

Safety Baler 6000SSĀ  – baler is built in grade 304 stainless steel + aluminum pneumatic cylinder

Safety Baler 6000PC – baler is built in steel, powdercoated + aluminum pneumatic cylinder