This very small baler is a standalone, stand-up version of the popular 6000 benchtop baler.

It runs on compressed air.  Very safe and simple to use.


  • large steel food cans
  • aluminum drink cans

Crush and bale:

  • plastic bottles/jugs/jerry cans up to 5L in size
    – convert up to 2 x 64 gallon [240L] garbage cans of plastic containers into one small bale
  • plastic wrap
  • small cardboard boxes – if you can fold it into the chamber, it will crush


Comes with a footpedal to help manually eject bales.


Small footprint

  • 20 inches wide x 24 inches deep [50 cm wide x 60 cm deep]
  • 103 inches tall [260cm]



  • over 3 tonne crush pressure when compressed air pressure is 101 psi [7 bar]
  • this is more than enough force to compact the small plastic containers it is designed for