The Plastic Drum Baler suits kitchens, hotels and liquor stores

Crush and bale:

  • plastic drums to 6 gallons / 25L subject to the dimensions of the drum, eg cooking oil, chemicals
  • plastic bottles
  • soft plastics, plastic wrap
  • beer cartons – straight in without flattening first
  • cardboard boxes


  • steel drums to 6 gallons / 25L subject to the dimensions of the drum, eg cooking oil
  • steel food cans, #10 cans, A10 cans
  • aluminum drink cans



Our Safety Baler range has safety features not seen before

The operator cannot:

  • activate the crush plate while the door is open
  • open the door once the crush plate has moved from its retracted starting position
  • tie the bale while the door is open [bale is tied side to side with door locked]

Plus the Safety Baler uses low pressure pneumatic power, and avoids the inherent risks that come with the industry-standard high pressure hydraulic powered balers
– eg hydraulic hose failure causes very hot hydraulic oil to spray out at high pressure. ┬áThis can cause serious injury and contaminate the environment.


Built to last

In, either:

  • grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel, or
  • steel that has been hot dip galvanized for protection of 20+ years

The pneumatic cylinder is built in heavy aluminum / aluminium and has a burst pressure rating more than twice the recommended operating air pressure.



Footprint – 20″ wide x 28″ deep, 50cm wide x 70cm deep

Height – 102 inches, 260cm

Weight – 880 lb, 400kg

Cycle time, no load – 8 seconds

Cycle time with 8 x 20 L plastic drums already crushed – 30 seconds

Recommended operating air pressure – 101 psi, 7 bar

Crush force – at 101 psi the force is 7500 lb, 3400 kg


Also ….

Safety Baler 8020 benchtop version for vertical plastic drum crushing

  • a benchtop model to allow you to crush plastic drums vertically
    [instead of crush horizontally and bale] and then tighten the cap to maintain the crushed shape