1 Do your models 600/2250/5000 actually crush steel food cans also?

Yes. They will crush steel cans that fit lying down into the crush chamber. Watch our videos for technique on crushing steel cans. Aluminium cans can be crushed standing up.

2. Does your steel can crusher model 5001 crush plastic bottles also?

It has been used commercially to flatten heavy duty plastic jerry cans; as used for chemicals or oils. The 5001 has more than enough force to flatten plastic bottles lying down, but you will find the models 600/2250/5000 are designed for efficient crushing of plastic bottles standing up. This requires the lids be loosened beforehand, then tightened again after crushing to preserve the crushed shape.

3 For plastic bottle waste, how do your crushing machines compare to a plastic shredder?

You will find that recyclers don’t want to deal with shredded plastic waste because they cannot easily distinguish between different types of plastic – which need to be processed separately.
And shredding will not deliver the size reduction that crushing does.

4 Is manual crushing slow?

For a daily quantity of containers measured in the dozens, manual crushing is fast and efficient. People quickly become expert at it. It is fun too.

5 What tools do I need for installation?

A drill to make pilot holes in the wall for the fixing screws or masonry anchors that you will hang the crusher on. A screwdriver to tighten the screw.

6 Can you supply to Timbuktu?

Yes. Anywhere in the world. Just allow us some time after your enquiry to work out the shipping cost.

7 How do I use your model 600/2250/5000 to crush a plastic bottle?

Place the plastic bottle in the crusher.
Loosen the lid on the bottle but do not remove the lid.
Swing the handle down and crush the bottle.
Screw the lid tight on the bottle to stop air re-inflating the crushed plastic.
Now raise the handle and remove the plastic.
Our videos on the Product page show all this in action.

8. Do you have any other machines?
Yes, we have plans to offer new machines. We are a company that invents stuff. If you have a particular container that needs to be size reduced, please contact us and provide a photo. We like to learn about waste problems that need a solution.