Waste management needs a champion

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Most of the world’s plastic waste still goes to landfill.

Plastic is fantastic to recycle but it is very light, so the cost of transporting it to a recycler can outweigh its value to the recycler.

Plastic ends up in landfill because
(a) nobody bothered to separate it, or
(b) transport costs.

Separating waste streams at a workplace requires someone to champion the cause
– better separation
– support from colleagues, and
– a conversation with your local plastics recycler or aggregator.

High transport costs for plastic can be beat by size reducing plastic on site, before it is collected.  Reduce waste volume, reduce the transport cost per tonne and by happy coincidence reduce the collection cost you pay.  Fit more in every garbage can.

The Plastic Bottle Crusher company have invented a range of very strong and durable machines to size reduce  waste at your workplace or at home.

Our crushers are deliberately over-engineered, made from heavy duty grade 304 stainless steel.

We set out to build the best crushing machines in the world.  Then we built them to the highest standard of robustness, not the lowest price.

If you are in business, waste volume reduction will save you money and signal to your customers and staff that you care about your environmental footprint.

If you are at home, dealing with a garbage can that keeps filling before collection day, a crusher will help you drop more waste into that garbage can ….. and the diesel truck that collects it.

A champion brings us all closer to zero landfill and a closed loop economy where recyclables keep going round and round.